Today’s business leaders demand detailed and accurate information on capacities, utilization, cycle times, supply chains and asset efficiencies. Live data and information coming from the shop floor, expertise and knowledge accumulated over the years, innovation and insights that perish fast – all these are scattered across disparate layers and levels in the organization. At each level, the people, the systems and the underlying IT software – all speak their own language. Integrating all these is challenging and expensive.

Shop floor operating staff Physical processes
1, 2
Supervisory staff Machines, Process Control Systems, PLCs and SCADA
Managers, Operations MES Software, Production scheduling and Optimization
Plant Management Business Planning and Logistics, Traceability and genealogy
Top Management ERP, Financial & Inventory Systems


Kore Mechatronics is a speciality software company, that focuses on mid-level MES solutions (Level 3 and 4, between ERP and PLCs) for the manufacturing sector. Sandwiched between two seemingly incompatible worlds of machine language and business language, between operations and business leadership, Kore Mechatronics bridges this chasm with ease.

From proprietary hardware controlled imported machines, to industry standard PLCs and DCS systems, from M2M communication protocols to nation-wide networking of multiple plants, from stand-alone MES software to ERP integration – Kore can understand and appreciate the nuances of each system and level.


The most expensive part of a software project in manufacturing is not the coding skills or tech skills. It is the ability and the time taken to understand the domain and the top level business drivers. Translate the operational and process requirements in to IT models. Harvest information from disparate machines and control systems. And most importantly the ability to sieve through a deluge of data, curate them in to relevant information and present them in a format that is tailor made to each level of management.

With a strong background in Industrial Automation and Turnkey project execution, Kore is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges and more. All projects follow and comply to ANSI / ISA 95 standards.


The leadership team at Kore Mechatronics, have been associated with the manufacturing industry for more than 2 decades, across a wide variety of verticals and domains. They have designed, engineered and executed 400+ automation and turnkey projects. And they have worked very closely with CXO level decision makers, plant heads and managers, supervisory staff, machine operators and end users – giving them an unique perspective that is broader and deeper at the same time.

Kore is an associate company of Autosys Group. Kore has been created as a separate entity to provide more focus on software, consulting and engineering services.

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